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The only cross-channel marketing platform
built for sophisticated enterprise marketers.
The Zeta Impact cross—channel marketing platform is used by enterprise marketing teams—including the Zeta services teams who support them—to deliver targeted, high-quality marketing that consistently engages customers across channels for improved business results.
The Zeta Impact Platform gives you all the power and flexibility you need to:

Know your customers better through deeper data integration, analytics, and insights.
Merge CRM data, website and app behavioral data, social and email interactions, point-of-sale data, transaction histories, and more, all in one portrait. Combine any amount or type of data from any source into actionable, 360-degree views of each customer for greater customer insight.

Connect with your customers instantly through smarter marketing.
Use real-time data insights to personalize every aspect of your marketing for every customer or segment—not just message format or content, but timing, sequence, device, and channel as well. Design and deliver the most meaningful experience for every customer, every time.

Engage your customers anywhere, anytime, with stronger cross-channel coordination.
Build cohesive cross-channel dialogues that keep customers engaged via email, SMS, mobile/app push, social, and display advertising. Schedule sophisticated wave or drip campaigns. Listen to your data and trigger individual messages in seconds. Match your marketing to customer context every time.

Learn how your marketing impacts your customers & your business.
Test. Measure. Improve. Repeat. Get instant feedback to optimize your marketing, from dashboard KPIs and data visualizations that cover reach, engagement, and revenue to deep interactive reports that identify campaign and content performance for any segment across any range of time.
See Impact in action.
Thank you for your interest in Zeta Impact. If you’re ready to speak with our team and get a personalized demonstration of our email and cross-channel marketing solutions, please click the "Get Started" button and send us a note. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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